Over 2500 RPC People, Trees, Automobiles and other Objects!

An RPC Subscription provides you with thousands of RPCs designed to improve your renderings and animations. Click on the View Gallery link below to preview.

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Get Your Application Ready For RPCs

ArchVision RPC technology is supported by the industry's leading applications. Some applications have built in support and others require the installation of an RPC Plug-in. RPC Plug-ins created by ArchVision can be installed via the ArchVision Dashboard. 3rd party plug-ins are available via their respective manufacturers.

Convert 2D Images into RPCs Instantly

Expand your firm's RPC content collection instantly with RPC Creator. RPC Creator is a new feature available only in ArchVision Dashboard. Easily convert existing commercial, public or personal 32-bit TIFF or PNG images into an RPC and place into any supported application. Quickly add Tags in Dashboard for searchability and organization.

RPC Creator is a feature of Dashboard.

  • Convert any alpha-masked TIFF or PNG image to RPC
  • Automatic creation of geometry and previews
  • Bulk processing of your TIFF and PNG libraries
  • Add real-world height for each RPC and it scales perfectly in your scenes
  • Full support for custom RPCs in Autodesk 360 Cloud Rendering

Install Dashboard in seconds!

ArchVision Dashboard simplifies how RPC plug-ins and Content are downloaded and installed and helps you organize and get to the content you need quickly.

  • Free Trial to place and render demo content
  • Instant Access to Thousands of RPCs
  • Automatic Plug-in Installation
  • Searchable Content
  • Drag & Drop RPCs into Scenes or Windows Folders
  • Make license purchases directly in Dashboard

Drag & Drop RPCs into Photoshop
(or other 2D apps) via Viewport

Previewing RPCs and using them in Photoshop just got easier! We've added a new viewing mode within Dashboard called Viewport. Not only can you preview and spin around any 3D or 3D+ RPC but you can also drag & drop directly from Viewport into applications like Photoshop! Just hit the Render button and drag the thumbnail into Photoshop.

Viewport for Dashboard improves the workflow for using RPCs in Photoshop and does away with the need for the Photoshop Viewport plug-in.

Included with Dashboard

Seamless RPC Workflow with Enscape & Revizto

Your RPC content will flow directly into Enscape and Revizto from Revit!

Stylized RPC Entourage in Revit

Entourage Workshop lets Revit users easily stylize RPC entourage in their scenes for just the right look. Any RPC placed in Revit can be displayed as non-photorealistic entourage with individual settings affecting the Geometry, Color, and Transparency of the content.

  • Stylize any RPC in your Revit model
  • Share Styles across your company
  • Stylized RPCs are supported in Autodesk 360 Cloud Rendering
  • Stylized content appears in all render modes
  • RPC Creator lets you turn your own content into ready-to-be-stylized RPCs

Add Additional RPCs To Your Subscription!

You can add RPC content from our partners to your subscription for a one-time fee.